RISeR at the North Sea to Celtic Edge conference, Utrecht

In November, Victor and Natasha attended the North Sea to Celtic Edge conference, in Utrecht (the Netherlands).  Natasha was very kindly invited as keynote speaker and gave an overview of the North Sea, as a climatic and environmental archive.  She particularly focused on the late Quaternary glacial-interglacial history and highlighted the work which could be done with new industrial windfarm data, and the ongoing and future work in RISeR.

Victor did a great job presenting the initial results from his work on the Hollandse Kust windfarm data, kindly provided as open access by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which has been a critical resource for RISeR.  His talk was titled: “Tracing the Eemian: coastal response to Last Interglacial sea-level rise in the southern North Sea”.

Both caught up with a number of existing collaborators and colleagues, including project partners Kim Cohen and Freek Busschers, as well as making a series of new contacts from across the North Sea research community which will be fundamental for the project.  It was particularly informative chatting with staff from Fugro who collected, and did the initial analysis on a number of the windfarm datasets.

Victor then remained in Utrecht for 1.5 weeks to work on additional datasets with geophysical experts at TNO.  We are very grateful for such a fruitful collaboration relationship.